ISO 9001 black

3KAPA CONSTRUCTIONS applies a Quality Management System in accordance with the standard EN ISO 9001:2008 also has IQNET certificate ( International Quality Network ) . For each project is executed, the company shall prepare and maintain a Quality Plan and uses international codes and specifications , ASME, ASTM / AISI, API, PED and EN for the implementation of projects .

All projects are implemented with approved welding procedures specifications (WPS) in accordance with the standards ASME IX, API 1104. To ensure the quality of high standards, the company has at its disposal a large number PQR'S (Procedure Qualification Records) and welders certified in accordance with the standards ASME IX and API 1104.

An important factor for the quality assurance is the cooperation between the company and the internationally accredited inspection body MOODY TOTTRUP HELLAS, for testing purposes and the issuance of required certificates.