Safety Policy

3KAPA CONSTRUCTIONS is adamant to provide and maintain a healthy and safe work environment in all its operations on the worksites and facilities, through the application of the International Standard 45001:2018.

The company is taking all the necessary measures for the promotion of Health and Safety and is committed to:

  • Prevent injuries, diseases or adverse any other incident of Health and Safety arising from the operation and activities of 3KAPA that could harm employees, the community, facilities or the environment.
  • Fully comply with legal and other requirements that are applicable to the operations and activities.
  • Provide all obligatory and appropriate information and training of Health and Safety to the employees.
  • Protect the employees by conforming and applying operating procedures which provide the necessary security.
  • Provide the necessary resources to carry out, maintain and improve the objectives set out by the Health and Safety Management.
  • Communicate its commitment for Health and Safety to the employees, customers, government agencies and the community.